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Customer Services Principles

1.   To a customer, I am DSS.
  • I will treat each customer pleasantly, politely, and with the utmost dignity and respect. I will refer to each customer by title and name (i.e. Mr./Mrs./Ms. Smith). I will match his/her sense of urgency. I will be open, honest and tactfully candid.
  • I will respond (response does not mean provide an answer) to a verbal, telephone or voice mail customer request/inquiry within 24 hours (as soon as possible the same business day is the generally accepted standard, but by the end of the next business day at the latest).
  • I will respond to mail, fax, or e-mail correspondence promptly (as soon as possible,  but within at least 5 working days from the day of receipt).
  • I will not leave a customer on telephone hold without explaining how long it will take to be able to respond or to connect them with someone else who address their need.
2.  I will establish a professional helping relationship with the customer.
  • I will ask the customer for feedback, both formally and informally.
  • I will take advantage of every opportunity to enhance this relationship through the quality of service I provide. I am responsible for helping the customer define and meet his/her needs.
  • I accept responsibility for assisting and empowering the customer to develop and utilize his/her own skills and resources to solve the problem, whenever possible.
  • I will try to anticipate my customer’s needs and be proactive in the provision of services. I will refer customers to other agencies for assistance  as appropriate.
  • If I need to communicate the customer’s needs to another source, I will do so only with the customer’s knowledge and permission. I will follow up with that source to verify that the customer’s needs have been met.
  • When an associate refers a problem to me, I will follow through and partner in developing a solution.
3.  I will “under-promise and over-deliver” services to customers.
  • I will go out of my way to constantly exceed the customer’s expectations. My goal is timely, error-free work in both written and spoken forms.
  • I will complete the eligibility determination process as soon as possible.
4.  I will continuously strive to improve quality.
  • I will listen to hear what my customer’s concerns are and do what I can to improve my customer service.
  • When communicating with a customer who believes s/he received poor service, I will not make excuses or blame others. I will instead focus on what can be done now to meet the customer’s needs.
  • When customer service standards cannot be met, I will see if any procedural  changes are needed to improve service and management of expectations (the customer’s, my own, and those of DSS).
  • I will strive for DSS to continue to be a high performance organization. I will impart that sense of the organization to each customer with whom I interact.
  • I will collaborate with other human  services agencies to provide the highest quality service possible, and encourage and assist other staff/agencies to do the same.
5.  I will strive to move beyond customer satisfaction to build customer respect and trust in DSS.
  • I will remember that my services are intended to empower and enable the customer to become self-sufficient, self- reliant and self-supporting.
  • I will build the trust of our customers by assuring the validity, reliability and integrity of our service

Am I Eligible?

Maryland Department of Human Resources

Charles County Health Department

Maryland Department of DLLR

Charles County Government

Am I Eligible?

Maryland Department of Human Resources    Charles County Health Department

Maryland Department of DLLR    Charles County Government