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Services for Families and Children

Services to Families With Children (SFC)

SFC provides crisis intervention, referrals to community resources, and counseling in the areas of health, parenting, school adjustment, and family relationships. SFC enhances family functioning, promotes selfsufficiency, and prevents abuse or neglect. Special emphasis is placed on serving Family Investment Program participants.

Family Preservation

Family Preservation provides family centered, time-limited services to families whose children are at risk of out-ofhome placements. A social worker and parent aide provide a team approach to the delivery of In-home family preservation services. Upon completion of the program, the family may be referred to other continuing services programs or community resources.

Family Support Services

Trained family support workers provide services to families who are at risk of abuse or neglect. They assist case managers in helping families become self sufficient and serve as role models and teachers to parents.

Child Protective Services (CPS) 301-392-6739

This program is required by law to respond to all reports of suspected child abuse or neglect. CPS investigators are responsible for assessing the safety of children and taking steps to make alternative placements if necessary for the safety of the child. Continuing services are available to help families resolve the problems that led to abuse or neglect, and to monitor the safety of the child. Reports of suspected abuse or neglect must be reported to the Charles County Department of Social Services during regular working hours at 301-392-6739; or to the Sheriff’s Office after hours, on weekends and holidays, at 301-932-2222.

Foster Care Services for Children

Foster Care provides a temporary living arrangement for children who cannot remain at home because of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Foster Care is short-term and intensive work with the family is provided to resolve the presenting issue. Efforts are made to reunite the family through various service providers and remediation of existing family dysfunction. The department actively recruits families to provide foster homes for these children. Orientation and ongoing training are provided to help foster parents participate in services to the child. Foster parents are provided a stipend for clothing, room, and board.

Treatment Foster Care

Treatment Foster Care is available to medically fragile and emotionally / behaviorally impaired children. Treatment Foster Care provides full-time, intensive supervision to children with special needs in a setting that is less restrictive than group homes or other institutions. Various treatment
modalities are utilized for the child and a comprehensive treatment plan is developed to ensure that all needs are being met.

Adoption Services

Adoption offers a sense of permanency for many children in foster care. Foster parent training also known as PRIDE training offers a basic understanding of adoption. Various community resources are utilized to increase awareness, understanding and comfort with the concept of the adoption process.

Clinical Resource Unit

The Clinical Unit supports services programs through Family Involvement Meetings, Assessments, Training, Accountability, Case Reviews and Staffing.

Family Involvement Meetings optimize the case management of both the child and their family through meetings that promote communication and increased understanding about what brought the child/children into care. The key goal for reunification is assessing the families needs strengths, coping, decision-making capacity and wishes for the future.

The second function of the Clinical Unit is to complete Clinical Assessments to provide immediate mental health assessment services to children when they are placed in Out of Home Care. The Assessment captures the following information: Family history, including physical and mental health of child/children and family; substance issues as it relates to the child/children and family members; the development, educational and social history of the child/children; and any history of domestic violence or previous abuse within the family.

The third function of the unit is to provide information to staff on available resources within the community through training and presentations.
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Am I Eligible?

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