Customer Responsibilities

  1. To be courteous, respectful and patient
  2. To cooperate with our efforts to serve you
  3. To provide timely, current and accurate information about your circumstances such as residence, sources of income, financial resources, family composition, etc. and
  4. To report changes promptly as they occur

Customer Rights

  • To be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect
  • To receive timely, caring services
  • To participate in the development and/or revision of your Service Plan.
  • To receive an explanation of:
    • Your eligibility or ineligibility for services;
    • The content and objectives of your Service Plan;
    • The nature and significance of any possible adverse effects of the Service Plan;
    • The name, title and role of our Staff directly responsible for providing services to you and your family;
    • Assistance from other service providers, when applicable and available.
  • To privacy and confidentiality of services provided and records.
  • To access your Record or Service Plan as allowed by regulations. If DSS staff responsible for your case believes that access to your records would be harmful to you or other interested parties, that information will not be released.
  • To have information released to other agencies only with your written consent unless provided for by regulation.
    To a timely, impartial grievance procedure