Please click here for a list of medical providers, in the Maryland Medical Programs Provider Directory.

Please click here for a list of day care providers, in Maryland State Department of Education’s Early Childhood Development.

The Charles County Department of Social Services has a phone line for Resource Parents for after-hour emergencies and agency closings. The phone number is 301-750-2668. The phone will prompt the caller to press one (1) to forward the call to after-hours staff. The phone will automatically call the worker on duty. A message can be left for the on-call worker, if the worker is not available at the time of the call. The worker will get back to the caller as soon as possible. The worker may be responding to another emergency situation when a call is placed, please be patient.

Jenna Davis Recruiter/Trainer Resource Homes Jenna.Davis2@maryland.govmail 301-392-6727
Tracey Higgins Family Development Specialist 301-392-6752
Andrea Leys Family Development Specialist 301-392-6759
Dahlia Freeman Downs Family Development Specialist 301-659-2037
Stephanie Thomas Resource Home Supervisor 301-392-6565
Markeeta Dixon Permanency and Placement Administrator 301-392-6715
Christal Nelson Permanency Caseworker 301-653-9970
Arletha King Permanency Caseworker 301-392-6752
Brianna Pinnock Youth Advocate 301-392-6716
Michelle Dockery Youth Advocate 301-752-0558