Performance Data by Division


Child Support staff are collecting on average $1.707 million dollars monthly. This is down from their FFY2018 average monthly collections of $1.733 million, but the division has successfully collected over $6.95 million dollars this fiscal year; monies that support the financial welfare and well-being of Charles County families and children.


Charles County Department of Social Services served 3,817 walk-in customers during the month of January 2019. This number only increases, when we consider the number of customers who are serviced via phone and electronically through DHS sites. Thirty-four percent (34%) of the 10,200 Charles County residents served in the prior quarter (November 1 through January 31, 2019) requested food stamp benefits; a slight uptick due to the Federal government shutdown.


A CCDSS goal is to protect children from abuse and neglect. We strive to maintain youth in their homes and prevent removals with the assistance of Family Preservation Services. If a child cannot be safely maintained in her/his home through the provision of services by CCDSS; alternate family/kin resources are explored. If absolutely necessary, a plan is arranged for the child to be placed into foster care.

January to December 2018, CCDSS has provided supportive assistance and resources to:

  • A monthly average of one hundred twenty-one (121) youth maintained in their homes
  • A monthly average of two (2) children placed in foster care
  •  A monthly average of seventy-nine (79) youth in foster care

All children deserve a family, therefore CCDSS works to ensure that reunification, adoption, or guardianship occurs in a timely manner for children who are placed in foster care.

Reunification is one of the main goals of CCDSS.

From January to December 2018:

– Forty-seven (47) children left care

  • Forty-three (43) attained permanency from foster care
  • Four (4) were emancipated

– Twenty (20) of the forty-seven (47) children were reunified with their family

– On average, four (4) youth attained permanency  per month

CCDSS has a continual focus on permanency through reunification, adoption, and guardianship. In 2018, reunification was comparatively the highest permanency outcome at 42%.